The Health Benefits of French Sorrel

 Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 30, 2012

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Last spring, I purchased a small French sorrel plant from a farmer’s market. I had never tried sorrel but I was intrigued after reading many European recipes using sorrel. Last year, my little sorrel plant allowed me to try several simple recipes. Continue reading

Recipe Contest Winner – Italian Stew

Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on March 28, 2012

A few weeks ago, I posted an entry about National Nutrition Month.  I really wanted to encourage my co-workers to start thinking about good nutrition.  So, I had them turn in their favorite healthy recipe to be judged by our volunteers, one of which is my very own co-blogger Jennifer.  Continue reading

The Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 26, 2012


Every spring, I start making lists of all the projects I want to accomplish. Once I complete all of these projects I always feel so good about my home and myself. I think most of us do because a clean and organized home is good for your health.  Continue reading

March 25th – Exercise Log

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 26, 2012


Another busy week but next week should be easier.

3/25/12            Hike 6 miles √

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Happy National Chip and Dip Day!

 Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on March 24, 2012

Who doesn’t like America’s most classic party food, chips and dip?  Chips and dip can be very addicting and often very calorie, fat, and salt laden.  Remember those time(s) when you went to the Mexican restaurant and could barely dig into your entrée because your stomach was so full from the chips and salsa?  Continue reading

Soy Chorizo Chili

 Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 21, 2012

If you are extra busy with work or school but still want to eat healthy, I am with you.  I have a few dishes I make often to help me get through the busy times and this is one of those dishes. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  Continue reading

Exercise for the “not so young”….an inspiring story

Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on March 20, 2012

A few weeks ago a family member was admitted to the hospital due to Diabetes that was very much out of control.  Throughout the years, we had all seen her make futile attempts at exercise and sneak foods that were not within her dietary restrictions.  Continue reading

March 18th – Exercise Log

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 18, 2012



Last week, I had a hard time fitting in my exercise. I am helping a sibling move and a parent with cancer. My schedule will be busy through the month of March. Hopefully in April I will be able to get back to a more normal routine.

3/18/12            Off √

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Chocolate Mint Trifle

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s to all!

I have a very quick recipe for you that requires mostly just assembling.  I think this sweet treat is lighter than most trifles and it is quite tasty. Enjoy!

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The Luck of the Irish

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 16, 2012

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The traditional Irish diet is simple and it is full of fresh, quality ingredients. Vegetables are plentiful, starting with potatoes, which are used in stews, soups and many other dishes. But the potato is only the beginning of the fresh vegetables used in traditional Irish cooking. Continue reading