My Favorite Exercise Videos


Posted by Jennifer (the student) on January 31, 2013




Usually, I go to the gym and take a cardio or yoga class. But if I do not have the time I like to use Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout and Dance Cardio DVDs. Both of these videos always challenge me.

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Just a Few Reasons Fitness is Important

 Posted  by Jennifer (the RD) on January 31, 2013 (reposted from 1/27/12 when we were a new blog)

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I am really fortunate that my mom had me involved in sports from an early age. Fitness has been a given in my life ever since. When I was a kid, I used to think that theonly good thing about being in sports was the social aspect. I loved hanging out with friends. I started swimming competitively when I was 10 years old and some of the friends I met way back then are still some of my very best friends! Although being involved in sports activities can be a great way to meet people and socialize, there are also many health benefits. Here are just a few:
 Aids in restful sleep
 Increases metabolism
 Improves body composition and bone density
 Decreases risk for cardiovascular function
 Improves self image
 Longer and higher quality of life
 Plus many more!

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How Kasper Gives Me That Extra Push to Reach Fitness Goals

dog walk

Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on January 31, 2013

All of us have our exercise routines, or at least we try to have them.  However, sometimes we fall short…maybe we work a little longer than usual or are feeling a little lazy and fall of the wagon.  My back up plan is my dog Kasper.  He ALWAYS stares at me, JUST AS HE IS IN THIS PICTURE until I take him for a walk.  We usually walk about a mile and a half several times per week.  He’s a great motivator!  Everyone should have a back up plan…maybe  jogging 30 minutes on the treadmill when it’s raining too hard to go to the gym, or popping in an exercise DVD when you may not want to get dressed and get out of the house, etc.

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Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred

30 day shred

Posted by Denise (Jennifer the RD’s sister) on January 31, 2013

If I am short on time, I like Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.  It’s just 20 minutes of cardio and strength, and all you need is a mat and weights.  Jilian also taps into the inner slacker in all of us by reminding us that walking up the stairs is not exercise, and that 400 pound people can do the exercises, so we have no excuse.

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Welcome to Day Four


Welcome to Jenmi Jenmi’s One Year Anniversary Party day four!  We are celebrating for 5 days, each day will feature a different post-sharing theme to enhance and help our “Fresh Start.” Since our anniversary coincides with the New Years celebration our theme will be “Fresh Start.” Jenmi Jenmi will be sharing recipes, hints, tips, foods, exercises and advice on how to maintain our healthy “Fresh Start: All Year Long.”

Today we will be sharing our favorite exercise videos, classes and our thoughts on fitness. We are not fitness experts, we just know the importance of exercise to a healthy lifestyle.

Check back through out the week and share in all the fun!

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