My Recipe for a Great Salad

Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on May 9, 2012

When I make salads for the family, I like to make a salad bar type of scenario so everyone can be happy.  Here’s what I prepared for an early Mother’s Day celebration:

Mixed greens and spinach

Chopped boiled eggs

Sautéed vegetables (I used zucchini, red, yellow, and green bell peppers, green onions, and sliced mushrooms)


Chopped tomatoes

Green peas


Chopped carrots

Tortilla strips

Chicken breast strips

Tofu (recipe from the tofu sandwiches a couple of weeks ago)

2 types of salad dressings (I used one homemade salad dressing and one balsamic vinegar spray dressing from the store)


Directions:  prepare the ingredients above and let everyone serve themselves! 🙂

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5 responses to “My Recipe for a Great Salad

  1. Thanks for this! 🙂 Sometimes I have NO idea what to put into a salad so this was really helpful!

  2. Fred

    Yummy, great idea! Thanks for posting.

  3. Jennifer

    Thanks for the interest! 🙂 Salad bars are always fun…the combinations of toppings are endless!

  4. That is such a great idea! Home-made salad bar..I love it!

  5. shirley@motivatedmommyoftwo

    This sounds like a very yummy salad. Stopping by from Tutorial Tuesday link party

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