Three cheers for the home gardeners!!!


Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on June 11, 2012

My friend Diana sent me a picture of some beautiful cucumbers that she grew in her garden. I was also impressed to find out that she was growing several varieties of peppers, tomatoes, melons, and squash.  I really admire all of you home gardeners out there.  I have home delivered organic produce because I don’t have enough confidence to have my own home garden, so I truly respect those that are successful with growing their own food!  Not only are you eating organic, but you are also decreasing your carbon footprint, saving money, beautifying your garden, and achieving personal fulfillment with your creation!   🙂

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Community Supported Agriculture

Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on April 21, 2012

Like most people, I am very concerned with the quality of food I put into my mouth.  This is why I decided to look into community supported agriculture.  For a little over $60 per month, I enjoy a box of home delivered organic fruits and veggies twice every month.  Not only am I getting high quality, organic produce, but I am also producing a local farm.  Not all community supported agriculture is 100% organic, but this is what I prefer.  One of the exciting things about the deliveries is opening the box to see what you get…it’s Christmas twice a month!  The produce will definitely inspire you to prepare produce that is outside of your comfort zone.  I thought only Hannibal Lecter ate fava beans!  I had to do some YouTube research before I prepared those suckers!  🙂

I order from:

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How to Determine What Produce to Buy Organic

Posted by Jennifer (the RD) on January 13, 2012


As a result of being frustrated with the cost of organic produce, I have opted to go with an organic home delivery service for the majority of my fruits and vegetables. It is much cheaper and also forces me to prepare veggies I wouldn’t have ordinarily chosen to purchase on my own. Continue reading