60 – Day Workout Challenge – 2nd Week Exercise Log


Last week, I had a great start to my 60-day workout challenge. This week, I am starting out slow, I broke in a new pair of shoes last week and after Sundays hike I had a large blister on my heel. So I want to give it a chance to heal and then I will resume my walking.


DAY 8 – Rest

DAY 9 –   Squat challenge, start standing abs video (link here)

DAY 10 – Squat challenge, standing abs video

DAY 11 – Squat challenge, standing abs video

DAY 12 – Walk/Hike 6 miles

DAY 13 – Squat challenge, standing abs video

DAY 14 – Hike/Walk 6 miles, squat challenge

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60-Day Workout Challenge – 1st Week Exercise Log


DAY 1 – Walk 1 mile, start 30-day squat challenge (link here) – Completed

DAY 2 – Walk 1 mile, 20 minutes of weight training, continue squat challenge – Completed

DAY 3 – Walk/Hike 6 miles, continue squat challenge – Completed 🙂

DAY 4 – Walk 1 mile, 20 minutes of weight training – Completed

DAY 5 – Walk 1 mile, continue squat training – Completed

DAY 6 – Walk 1 mile, continue squat training – Completed

DAY 7 – Walk/Hike 6 miles, continue squat challenge – Completed

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60-Day Workout Challenge


Welcome to my 60-day workout challenge. I have a vacation coming up and I would like to increase my stamina and strengthen before my trip. Of course, I would love to loss some weight but that is not the main goal. The main goal is to have plenty of energy because I love to keep active and see as much as possible when I am on vacation.

Recently, I have become a workout dropout. I used to do 7 to 8 cardio classes a week, walk 2 to 3 miles every day and weight train several times a week. Now I am down to a once a week hike and a couple yoga classes a week. Things need to change quickly, if I am to be as energetic as I would like on my trip!

Over the next 60-days, I plan on posting my workout schedule for the week every Monday. Sharing my workout plan will motive me to keep at it. In addition, I plan on keeping a food journal, one of the best ways to keep your eating in check (article here). Plus, drink plenty of water and eat more whole foods.

Maybe you have an event coming up or you would just like to feel and look better for the holidays. Join me, if you like and we can motive each other.

♥ ♥

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Welcome to Day Four


Welcome to Jenmi Jenmi’s One Year Anniversary Party day four!  We are celebrating for 5 days, each day will feature a different post-sharing theme to enhance and help our “Fresh Start.” Since our anniversary coincides with the New Years celebration our theme will be “Fresh Start.” Jenmi Jenmi will be sharing recipes, hints, tips, foods, exercises and advice on how to maintain our healthy “Fresh Start: All Year Long.”

Today we will be sharing our favorite exercise videos, classes and our thoughts on fitness. We are not fitness experts, we just know the importance of exercise to a healthy lifestyle.

Check back through out the week and share in all the fun!

  ♥ ♥

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This New Year Make Your Weight Loss Resolution a Success

by Stan Spencer (@DrStanSpencer)


Most of us have dieted to lose weight, only to gain it back again within a few weeks or months. It isn’t that diets don’t work. It’s that they don’t last. Most diets are so unpleasant, inconvenient, boring, complex, or expensive that they are difficult to stick with for very long. When you quite the diet, the weight returns.

Think of excess fat as a collection of bad habits. Lose the habits and you will lose the fat. Each time you give up one of these bad habits (all other things being equal), you will lose fat until your body naturally settles at a lower weight. The key to making these habits stick and successfully keeping the weight off is to create your own weight loss plan—one custom made to fit your particular needs, abilities, and preferences. When designed correctly, this custom plan is your easiest path to a naturally thin lifestyle and body. While each person’s optimal plan is unique, every plan for permanent weight loss should have the following elements:

Personal Preferences

There is no single formula for natural, permanent weight loss. You don’t need to make yourself miserable. Eating yogurt can help you lose weight, but if you really don’t like yogurt, don’t include it in your plan. There are plenty of other things you can do to lose weight naturally.

Changes You Can Live With

Include in your plan only those things you are willing to make lifelong habits. Giving up desserts for a month to lose weight may accomplish that goal, but the lost weight will return just as soon as you start eating desserts again. A better approach might be to limit yourself to one dessert a day, with more allowed on a few special days, and to make it a lifelong habit. You’ll lose less weight, but the weight you lose won’t be coming back. Permanent weight loss requires permanent changes in habits.

Easy Ways to Control Emotional Eating

We often eat for emotional comfort, not because we are hungry. This is called emotional eating. The best way to prevent emotional eating is to learn how to regulate your emotions in other ways. These may include getting more social interaction or using techniques such as meditation or mindfulness to calm your emotions.

Quick Ways to Calm Cravings

Cravings for junk food can crush even the strongest resolve and wreck your attempts to lose weight. The key is not to have more willpower, but to know how to make the cravings weaker so the willpower you already have does the job. For example, taking a brisk, short walk has been shown in scientific studies to reduce chocolate cravings.

Smarter Exercise

Trying to lose weight by doing exercises you hate is a recipe for failure. Find ways to get exercise that you enjoy. Even better, exercise with someone else. You’ll stick with it longer. Do exercises that build muscle, not just burn calories directly. The new muscle will boost your metabolism so you burn more calories even while you’re sleeping.

Removing the Temptations at Home

It’s usually easier to remove temptations than to resist them. Get rid of the junk food in your house. Try to avoid places that tempt you to overeat. Stock your refrigerator with weight loss foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, nuts, and whole grains.

Making the Easiest Changes in Habits First

Your weight loss plan might include forming new habits such as meditating daily, eating more whole grains for breakfast, eating sweets only once a day, and exercising five days a week. Don’t try to develop all of your weight loss habits at once. Start with the ones that are easiest. After you have reaped the weight loss rewards of the easier habits you will have extra motivation to tackle habits that require more effort.

Not Expecting Quick or Immediate Results

It’s better to lose twenty pounds over the course of a year than to lose twenty pounds in a month then gain it all back. Changing habits takes time. You probably gained your extra weight slowly, one habit at a time. Let yourself lose it the same way. After two or three weeks with each new habit, it will begin to feel natural, and you will be a naturally thinner person.

So make a new plan for the new year—one that gives you the best chance of long term success.

Find more help for making your New Year’s weight-loss resolution a success in The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss.

stan_spencer         logo_kiwi

Stan Spencer, PhD, is a biological consultant, former research scientist, and author of The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss: Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin (Fine Life Books, 2013). He lives in southern California and blogs on natural weight loss techniques at fatlossscience.org.

Thank you Dr Spencer for contributing to our blog party. If you are interested in losing weight, check out The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss by Stan Spencer, PhD. Here is our review.

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11/25/12 – Exercise Log

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on November 25, 2012


11/25/12            Walk/Hike 6 miles – X

11/26/12            Cardio Dance 1 hr class – X

11/27/12            Piyo 1 hr class

11/28/12            Cardio Dance 1 hr class

11/29/12            Yoga 1 hr class

11/30/12            Off

12/01/12            Tennis 1 ½ hr class

♥ ♥

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10/28/12 -Exercise Log

Posted By Jennifer (the student) on October 28, 2012


10/28/12            Walk/Hike 6 miles √

10/29/12            Yoga 1 hr class, Weight Train 20 min

10/30/12            Piyo 1 hr class , Cross Trainer 20 min

10/31/12            Yoga 1 hr class, Weight Train 20 min

10/01/12            Yoga 1 hr class , Cross Trainer 20 min

10/02/12            Off

10/03/12            Tennis 1 ½ hr class

♥ ♥

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October 21st – Exercise Log

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on October 22, 2012


10/21/12            Off √

10/22/12            Off √

10/23/12            Piyo 1 hr class, Weight Training 20 min √

10/24/12            Yoga 1 hr class

10/25/12            Yoga 1 hr class, Weight Training 20 min

10/26/12            Yoga 1 hr class

10/27/12            Tennis 1 ½ hour class

♥ ♥

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October 14th -Exercise Log

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on October 14, 2012


10/14/12            Walk/Hike 6 miles √

10/15/12            Yoga 1 hr class, Weight Train 20 min X

10/16/12            Piyo 1 hr class, Cross Trainer 20 min √

10/17/12            Yoga 1 hr class, Weight Train 20 min √

10/18/12            Off √

10/19/12            Off √

10/20/12            Tennis 1 ½ hr class X – rain

♥ ♥

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October 7th – Exercise Log

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on October 7, 2012


10/07/12            Walk/Hike 6 miles √

10/08/12            Yoga 1 hr class, Weight Train 20 min √

10/09/12            Piyo 1 hr class √, Cross Trainer 20 min X

10/10/12            Yoga 1 hr class, Weight Train 20 min √

10/11/12            Yoga 1 hr class √, Cross Trainer 20 min X

10/12/12            Off √

10/13/12            Tennis 1 ½ hr class √


♥ ♥

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