February 19th – Exercise Log

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on February 19, 2012


Last week, I started off strong and fizzled out in the end.  Still, I am proud of 7 weeks of regular exercise. I am feeling more energetic and flexible. Also, my tennis elbow is doing better. This week’s schedule is lighter, I am trying to be realistic this week. Wish me luck.

2/19/12            Yoga 1-hr class, Weight Training 30 min √

2/20/12            Yoga 1-hr class, Cross-trainer 40 min √

2/21/12            Piyo 1-hr class, Weight Training 30 min √

2/22/12            Off √

2/23/12            Yoga 1-hr class, Weight Train 30 min X (sick)

2/24/12            Cross-trainer 40 min X (sick)

2/25/12            Tennis 1 ½ hour class X(sick)

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