Food Trends for 2013

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on December 17, 2012

Americans are looking to make smarter choices when cooking and shopping. Many of the 2013 food trends reflex the changes in attitude.

These are some of the trends in food to look for in 2013

1. Cooking With Tea, in sweet and savory dishes.


2. Boozy Desserts, simple desserts are being reinvented for mature taste.


3. Popcorn, a popped whole grain can be sweet or savory.


4. Better Burger Buns, look for more variety.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest


5. Sour Flavors, moving beyond sweet, salty and creamy. Look for pickled vegetables and a kimchi to be used in unexpected ways.



6. Ramen, gone are the MSG filled packaged soup. This flavorful Japanese staple will grow in popularity.

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7. Vegetables Becoming the Star of the Meal, the popularity of meatless meals will continue to grow.

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8. Ancient Grains as Snacks; look for quinoa, amaranth and more to show up in the snack section of your local market.


9. Powdered Alternatives to Popular Health Trends, such as powdered coconut water that could be added to smoothie and powdered chia seeds that could be used to replace flour in baked goods or it could be sprinkled over cereal or yogurt.

Source: via Jennifers on Pinterest


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