It’s New to Me – Sweet Olive Oil Tortas

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 2, 2013


 Jenmi Jenmi is introducing a new feature called “It’s New to Me“.  Both Jennifer and I, are on the look-out for new and interesting foods with a healthy twist (most of the time). We thought we would share our finds that might be “New” to you too.


I have fallen in love with Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil Tortas. When I am feeling like something sweet in the morning, I have the original or the cinnamon torta with a cup of coffee and it is the perfect treat. These delicate pastries are crispy, flaky and like a crunchy tortilla.  They are available in 3 sweet flavors: original, cinnamon and Seville orange and 2 savory flavors: rosemary and thyme, sesame and sea salt. I have enjoyed the original and cinnamon so much, I can not seem to move on to try the other flavors. These tortas are imported from Spain and are made with real ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, anise seed, sesame seed and flour. They come in a package of six and they keep for a long time. I stumbled upon these at my local market. If you stumble upon these like I did, I recommend you give them a try.



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