Moroccan Cuisine…Give it a Try!

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(Bisteeya, a Moroccan meat pie)

Posted by Jennifer (The RD) on December 27, 2012
I have recently discovered Moroccan food and have found it to be quite exciting.  I was actually introduced to it by a nutrition student of mine, Kim, who did a cultural foods presentation on the cuisine. Morocco is located on the northwest coast of Africa and it borders the shores of the Atlantic and Mediterranean.  Its cuisine reflects Arab, Berber, Middle Eastern, Moorish, Iberian, Mediterranean, African, and Jewish influences.  I was especially impressed by all of the different spices found in the cuisine such as cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, paprika, anise seed, pepper, coriander, sesame seeds, saffron, and mint. If you want to try something new and exciting, give it a try!

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2 responses to “Moroccan Cuisine…Give it a Try!

  1. That’s actually one of our goals for this next year, to try different ethnic cuisines and get our family out of this massive food rut we have been in.

  2. Jennifer RD

    Good goal! 🙂

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