WIAW #50

Posted by Jennifer (the student) on March 27, 2013

Hello Everyone. Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  I am sharing my meals from Friday, I was on spring break last week but I was still just as busy. Thank you to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting the WIAW.

This is what I ate:

Breakfast (7:00am)

I started the day with coffee and a“Oat Bran” Without The Oats, a recipe I just tried and really enjoyed. You can find the recipe at Massachuseats.com.



Lunch (11:30am)

I had left-over grilled steak and broccoli.


Dinner (6:00pm)

My husband and I were celebrating his first week at a new job. We had dinner at Fish in a Bottle, we started with a tasty salad. I had the sea bass and it was so good I almost for got to take a picture. 🙂



Dessert (8:00pm)

We continued the celebration at home with Oreo Truffle Cupcakes from WildFlour Cupcakes. YUM!




Thank you for stopping by. I hope your day was full of healthy meals!

♥ ♥

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11 responses to “WIAW #50

  1. Jennifer RD

    Sea bass looks awesome! I think I would have chosen that too 🙂

  2. I would most certainly of chosen the sea bass as well. Looks delicious! Congratulations to your hubby as well 🙂

  3. The salad and dessert look Yummy! Have a great day, Jennifer!

  4. Mmm cupcakes are the best way to end the day 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

  5. OH my gosh I want that cupcake 🙂 Looks delish!

  6. Leftover steak?! Man, who has that? Lol. Looks great.

    And you always get the best cupcakes every. I love how the frosting delves into the inside too!

  7. Yay, glad that you liked the “oats”! 🙂

    That cupcake looks gorgeous and sounds deeeeelish!!

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